How many hours do you spend on the Internet?

Do you use any kind of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.. )?

Where do you use the Internet?

Which browser do you use?

What do you use the Internet for?

Which kind of computer do you use?

How do you use Internet?

Do you think that you are an Internet or computer addicted?

Why do you use social networks?

Do you shop online?

Which browser do you use?


What kind of program do you watch?

How many hours a day do you watch TV?

When do you watch TV?

Do you eat, when you watch TV?

Who do you watch TV with?

Do you prefer TV or radio?

Do you watch TV in English?

Do you prefer going to the cinema or staying at home to watch a movie?

Do you like 3D TV/Movies?

Do you watch programs in relay?


Do you like listening to the raedio?

What kind of radio do you prefer?

Do you prefer wathcing the news on TV or listening to them on the Radio?

Do you listen to the Radio?

Where do you listen to the Radio?

When do you listen to the Radio?


Do you read newspapers?

Do you like reading newspapers?

Which section do you like reading newspaper?

Does someone in your family buy newspapers?

When do you read newspaper?

Thank you for your participation!!